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Increased organic traffic by 100% for an international courier company


The client is a leading courier company in India and has been in operation for the last half decade. Started in the year 2015, out of a tiny room, they send courier packages and parcels from India to any location in the world at a steeply discounted rate.

With over 1400+ positive reviews about their service on TrustPilot and Google combined, they are extremely well liked by the public and have been doing very well.


When the client launched their website and were a few years in, they were getting traffic on their website. Though the traffic wasn’t converting for some reason and there were plenty of drop-offs. Also we noted that the client was not able to rank very well for some of the more profitable and most-often searched queries. That is leaving a lot of traffic and revenue on the table.

Besides, some of their very important country-specific pages were indexed by Google but were having a very hard time climbing up the SERPs. The client had already exhausted his in-house resources to fix their SEO and approached us for a plan and strategy to make things work.


We decided to study the client’s website thoroughly. As a professional SEO company, we adhere strictly to this practice before providing a firm opinion and the actual costs involved. Since the client had already dealt a wee bit in SEO earlier, we noticed that there were links created at random and were not really helping the site in a positive way.

We took cognizance of the fact that there were certain technical SEO issues that needed our attention pronto. Issues such as a few dead links giving way to 404 errors, a sitemap that wasn’t configured correctly, missing metadata and such.

Our main focus for the first phase of SEO service, was to perform a site-wide on-page optimization strategy. Therefore, for the first few months, we got down with our expertise cleaning up the site of its technical errors and fixing them so as to provide a seamless channel for the search engine bots to crawl the site as they should.

We understood that the client’s website needed a much broader SEO optimization strategy than just links. We quickly got down to the task of collecting targeted keywords for a number of their most profitable country-pages. Each of these country pages needed to be optimized so as to rank better when searched for that country specifically. After a thorough and exhaustive keyword research for the most profitable country-pages, we mapped those keywords to their respective landing pages. We took care to have primary, secondary and LSI keywords sprinkled throughout the text to make the flow seem very natural and inviting.

Next, we started interlinking pages and blog posts. It was a bit surprising (or was it?!) that the website had a dearth of interlinks and although there were plenty of content pieces that could have been linked to within the site, they unfortunately were not. Interlinking key content pieces with each other can be immensely beneficial as it drives free-flow of authority from authoritative pages to other low ranking pages thereby boosting their rankings to a certain extent.

We had also noticed that the pages’ titles, meta descriptions, volume of words on page, images and their meta data (such as alt tags) were missing from the majority of the pages. The headings on the page were disorderly put together thereby confusing the search engines. We helped cleaned that up and structured the page in a fashion that’s easy to understand – both by humans and the bots. The titles, headings (H1, H2 etc) were correctly implemented and other closed bits tied up together.

During the second phase of SEO optimization, we focused our efforts towards acquiring quality backlinks for the client. As mentioned earlier, the client had links created earlier and unfortunately a lot of them had to be disavowed as they were spammy and of little help in SEO. Our backlink package for this client had a gamut of links: from citations, social signals, business directories to niche edits and guest posts. We understand how important links can be towards improving SEO for any website, and we always believe that providing relevant and powerful links can truly turn a website’s SEO for good.


After implementing our SEO stratgy, we saw a tremendous growth of 234% over a period of one year as compared to last (see screenshot below). Parcel Chief now gets approximately 1200 visitors on their site (on average) every day. That is, an approximate number of 36000 visitors each month.

Traffic comparison over a period of one year: 2019 to 2020
Traffic comparison over a period of one year: 2019 to 2020
An increase of 234% in the number of users on the website
An increase of 234% in the number of users on the website
Number of ranking keywords in Oct-Nov '19
Number of ranking keywords in Oct-Nov '19
Number of ranking keywords in Aug 2021
Number of ranking keywords in Aug 2021
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