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Tiyana Inc

Increased organic traffic by 100% for a distributor and reseller of camera and lightning equipment.


Tiyana is a well-known distributor and reseller of premium brand products such as Aputure, Ulanzi, Platiro, Qoocam etc. Based in Mumbai and founded in the year 2000, they have been selling various camera and lightning accessories – especially meant for professionals and corporate studios.

Tiyana created a website in 2018, and have been selling their products online ever since. Spanning more than a hundred products, the client has been doing pretty well in their industry space so far.


There were a trickle of visitors on the website when the client launched and were a few months in. During the initial few months, the client saw most of the marketing budget spent towards paid advertising – namely running Google ads. Though the ads were profitable and brought in visitors and sales, we knew it was not a sustainable solution for the long haul.

We thus pivoted to the idea of bringing in more organic visitors directly from search engine. One of the biggest challenges was to get the keywords placed within the content, for maximum SEO impact. Since the client had not opted for SEO at the beginning of the website making process, the content or the site wasn’t really reflecting any SEO blueprint.


Since we wanted to focus more on attracting visitors organically, we got down deep in competitors’ analysis. Our objective this time, was to get a general sense of what the competitors are doing but more importantly – what they aren’t (because that’s where the opportunity lies). Once studied, we came up with a list of important keywords that were not only garnering decent number of searches each month but were also not extremely tough to rank for. Keyword research was an integral part of the entire SEO campaign – as it should be for any website. Once the research was conducted and keywords finalized, we ensured they reflected in key page components like title, heading tags and content for maximizing their benefits and push the rankings further up on the search results page.

Since the client gets most of the content directly from the brands that they promote, we asked the client to give it a fresh unique spin to it. Although it wasn’t the worrying idea of having duplicate content – which is extremely rampant in the ecommerce industry – we wanted to bring freshness and wished to provide Google crawlers content that isn’t necessarily the same splattered across various distributors of the same brands.

Our next phase for on-site SEO was to put the site structure in order. The menu was sanitized to place the various categories under logical headings so as to keep the site architecture easier to understand, as well as to provide a better UX. We also added breadcrumbs to the pages for navigational ease, for it also offers crawlers a cohesive semblance of the site itself – which is always good for SEO purposes.

For off-site SEO efforts, listing the website in various business and local directories gave a little nudge in the right direction. Also, the client does get a generous amount of backlinks through their affiliate network. Most of the backlinks generated are from YouTube, Instagram and other review websites. Thankfully, the competitor space isn’t as aggressive as other industries and there wasn’t a definite need to do an outreach campaign to get excessive links back to the website.


The SEO campaign continues to delivery results. At a healthy count of approximately 2000+ visitors to the site each month, we’re looking at doubling it potentially by mid 2022. From where we started at around 70 monthly visitors in 2019 to more than 2000 in 2021, it's been a productive journey.

Traffic at the beginning of SEO campaign
Traffic at the beginning of SEO campaign
Traffic growth as of Aug 2021
Traffic growth as of Aug 2021
Number of keywords ranking at the beginning of SEO campaign
Number of keywords ranking at the beginning of SEO campaign
Number of keywords ranking at the beginning of SEO campaign
Number of keywords ranking at the beginning of SEO campaign
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