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WP Adventure is a top rated ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune (India). We know ecommerce stores are popping on the internet all over and the demand doesn’t seem to cease. If you are a proud owner of an ecommerce store, digging on the wild wide web for the best ecommerce SEO company in India, then perchance it is time for you to go ahead and contact us.

WP Adventure has a dedicated team of the best ecommerce SEO experts who have a vast experience working closely on ecommerce websites turning them in to money making machines. We realize that selling products on the internet to unknown people can be very time consuming besides the obvious monetary spend. This is why, we recommend the best ecommerce SEO packages for budding startups and established entrepreneurs to get their products maximum visibility and maximum sales.

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Our team is passionately driven to deliver custom-made quality websites as well. Our website development services in Mumbai are designed for business owners who are just starting out. At WP Adventure, we design and develop stunning ecommerce websites that are packed with features and integrations that will entice your audience and turn them into paying customers. As an ecommerce SEO agency in Mumbai and Pune (India), we have the most effective ecommerce SEO strategies that will stand the test of time and beyond.

All of this – without breaking the bank. Our affordable ecommerce SEO services in Mumbai ensures that our clients get the best ecommerce products rankings while still being highly profitable. Getting on the first page of search engines is now no longer a distant dream.

Experience the

Best ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai

SEO is a tough nut to crack and ecommerce SEO even more so. Our research methodology is meticulous - we dive deep in your website, its structure, its analytics to understand what measures and tweaks can get you the best results. We take time to understand your competition, their marketing strategies and their product SKUs. Having a holistic view helps us derive a great ecommerce SEO setup for your business to give you an upperhand over your competitors.

Proven techniques

Our ecommerce SEO experts don’t merely masquerade around pretending to know it all. After having worked with plenty of ecommerce websites, we know what it takes to have a strong and extensive understanding of the ecommerce ecosystem in order to get you the best results using our time-tested proven techniques.

We know that every ecommerce website is different, there are a gazillion products to be sold and there’s a market for everything. However, each ecommerce website cannot be treated the same. As such, we identify by careful examination what strategies to employ, the kind of content required and the various other ecommerce SEO techniques to put to test. The latest SEO trends combined with the extensive experience of our ecommerce SEO experts as well as concrete and consistent proven techniques, we make sure to get our clients sites to rank and rule.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. It is what makes your site successful but also what may turn the tables and bring it crashing down. As the best ecommerce SEO agency in Mumbai and Pune, we select the best keywords that you can use on your ecommerce website to start getting traction and high visibility.

Discovering keywords can be a daunting experience for many. Though there are many tools available that make it seem very easy, however we wish it was as straightforward. At WP Adventure, we thoroughly analyze your site as well as your immediate competitors’ to help you select the best keywords you can utilize to gain more grounds. Whether informational keywords or transactional or keywords that you’ve missed to include in your business strategy, our ecommerce SEO experts will dig out some to ensure your business is always profitable.

Content Strategy

As a top-notch ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune (India), we never underestimate the power of a solid content strategy. We firmly believe that content is truly the king – whether it is for an ecommerce SEO strategy or SEO in general. Our team is completely at disposal to build a strong content strategy for your ecommerce business.

We’ll assist you in building content that is helpful for your intended audience – that could be graphics, an e-book, videos or anything that your users will find value in. A lot of people may be selling the same or similar products but not everybody has the means to create compelling content that’ll impress your customers. At WP Adventure, we figure a content strategy that is appropriate for your brand while being up-to-date, innovate and strong.

Link Building

While there are many “SEO experts” out there who will coerce you in building the best content possible stating “that is all that matters” – the truth cannot be farther than that. Albeit true, that content does play a hugely important role in getting you those coveted spots on the SERPS, but downplaying the role of links is a risky business.

As the best ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune, we know that some content really do require those juicy backlinks to start getting some foothold on the search engine pages. Our amazing squad of ecommerce SEO experts can help boost rankings for your ecommerce site, by not just creating awesome content but also fetching backlinks from places that matter the most. These high quality link building techniques from a top-grade ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai like us, will see your store’s sales skyrocketing.

Increase ROI

Too many online store owners and entrepreneurs are concerned about increasing their business revenue overnight. However, on an honest note (and we do not like keeping our customers in the dark), it is a steady process that will yield results over time. There are some products that will rank almost instantly but others can take some time depending on the amount of competition there is, besides other factors.

Our proven SEO tips and techniques are made to work – that is a guarantee. Coupled with a great content, tweaks to your ecommerce website design, optimizing the site and the various products pages, having a strong and clear call-to-action, ensuring you have the correct heading and meta tags, making certain that the landing pages are great and inviting, driving qualified traffic on to your website – are just some ways to get a healthy return on investment. As a superior ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune (India), we strive hard to get you the best ROI for your marketing investments.

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Affordable ecommerce SEO services in Mumbai

With hundreds of ecommerce websites launched each day, the competition is as fierce as it can get. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through them all and make your voice heard. This is where the best ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai can help. We’ll comb through your ecommerce site and do some serious magical optimizations to get the rankings you deserve.

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Do you know how powerful on page ecommerce SEO can get? Maddeningly powerful! As a leading ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune (India), our qualified team of ecommerce SEO experts will discuss in detail about any flaw that exists on your website and suggest corrective measures to set them aright.

We’d then optimize your on-site SEO such as finding any broken links, checking for possible 404 errors, ensuring you have the best product headings and titles for maximizing your CTRs (click through rate), optimizing URLs, call-to-action amongst others. This ensures that you get interested traffic that drive conversions and sales.

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Not only are we really good at on page optimization but we are not far behind when it comes to off page ecommerce SEO as well. As the best ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune (India), we have realized what it takes to get the best results. SEO favours those who are patient but we'll make sure we get you to the top.

Our team of expert content writers will create quality articles, guest posts, blog posts, press release submissions as well as videos to get your brand the maximum exposure possible. Along with the help of some very high quality links to your ecommerce website, you’d be on a journey to the top of the SERPs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ecommerce SEO entails optimizing your online store’s web pages so that they rank higher up in the SERP (search engine results page). It is the process of generating traffic to your ecommerce store. When people search for the products you're selling, you'd like Google to show your product page as high as possible. Ecommerce SEO strategies will help you inch toward that goal.

SEO is important for any business that has an online presence and wants to get potential customers from the internet. When it comes to ecommerce, ideally you would want to have interested buyers visit your online store to purchase something. There are millions of people who shop online for all kinds of products, and as a store owner you’d want your store to appear in front of people interested in the products that you are selling.

When we’re doing SEO for ecommerce products, it is extremely important to look at the kind of keywords that we choose. If the keywords have buyer intent, with the right kind of competition and have a good chance of ranking on SERP, we’re good to go. Making sure that we include long-tail keywords, have good quality product photographs, focus on great UI/UX design are some of the key areas that we look at when undertaking projects for ecommerce websites.

As with other websites, optimizing an ecommerce websites boils down to 3 important areas – on-site SEO, off-site SEO and technical SEO. It pays to ascertain that the site architecture is correctly built, the product categories and product pages are well thought-out and have the right content in the right places. Other key areas to look and optimize are the robots.txt file, the sitemap, linking to Google search console etc. Couple this with pointing a healthy and diverse link profile and other off-page activities should have your site optimized well enough.

Consider our SEO services to get more visibility to your store.

Ecommerce SEO takes considerable efforts to see substantial gains and as such it is not an overnight process. The time it’ll take to rank product pages will depend on the keywords that are chosen, the competitive landscape, the marketing spend that you’ve budgeted and other factors. If you have extremely unique products that don’t have much competition, it will be easier to rank them in a shorter span of time. But generally, it takes a few months with dedicated efforts to start seeing some traffic.

The price for SEO isn’t regulated and thus it isn’t a fixed sum. The cost of ecommerce SEO will vary greatly on the size of the business, the number of pages you want to optimize, the keywords involved etc. It is best to discuss your requirement with us and we’ll help you understand the price to get your store optimized. Contact us for a free quote.

Unfortunately, no. We don’t do SEO for a single product. Ecommerce SEO takes a lot of efforts and those are best translated when it is done for a variety of keywords for multiple products. Also, doing SEO for just one product will only rank that product. We’re sure you want to get as many products on the first page of Google!

There are usually two reasons why sites are unable to make sales. Either you are not attracting the right kind of traffic or there is a conversion problem on your site. If your site is about fashion but it was inadvertently optimized for something else, you will attract the wrong set of visitors who won’t be interested in purchasing anything.

On the flip side, if you do get targeted traffic but your website’s architecture, navigation, UI/UX isn’t up to snuff, those visitors will be put off and they’ll leave your site without making any purchase. At WP Adventure, we diagnose these problems and provide with a detailed fix to turn things around for good.

No, we don’t. Although Shopify is a very popular ecommerce platform, its SEO isn’t up to acceptable standards. For instance, Shopify SEO is notorious for duplicate content, the inability to adjust robots.txt file that causes crawling and indexing issues, restricted URL customization, lack of structured data support etc., make it quite difficult to really optimize a Shopify website comprehensively.

No. We are based in Mumbai but our clients are and can be located anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in Delhi, Bangalore or Los Angeles! Our ecommerce SEO services are meant for businesses anywhere in the world.

Fun Fact:

Do you know that the first business to sell something online was...not Amazon (as most people will assume)? That's true! That accolade belongs to Pizza Hut who started selling their pizzas on the internet way before Amazon came into existence. Incredible, huh?

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We love to work with different people from various industries and niches. We get a fresh perspective each time, besides honing our skills and constantly updating ourselves. We are equally enthusiastic about working with a large corporate as we are with a fledgling business. At WP Adventure, we believe that opportunities are equal and our support and dedication to turning those opportunities into success, is committed. Come on-board – everyone’s welcome.

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Are you an ecommerce website owner but unhappy with the way your site is performing? Are you completely dissatisfied with the sluggish sales and the sinking SERP rankings? Let WP Adventure – the best ecommerce SEO company in Mumbai and Pune – help you through it. Our team of professional ecommerce SEO experts know the pulse of an ecommerce website all too well.

We’ll explore your website, untangling the various SEO issues plaguing it. Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough and fine website audit to pinpoint what those problems are and how to seek remedial measures. This will comprise both – on-page as well as off-page SEO techniques that you may have either missed out completely or implemented incorrectly.

Whatever it is, we’ll do a complete ecommerce website audit – completely for free. Get it done by clicking here.

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  • SMM / SEM strategy

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Ecommerce stores perform the best when they are optimized to the fullest. There are a million things to pay attention to and as a leading ecommerce SEO agency in Mumbai and Pune (India), we know where to look, find flaws and fix them right away. Our ecommerce SEO experts are experienced in tweaking online stores that will gear them to their fullest potential. Working on various ecommerce platforms - WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce - we know how to take care of your stores to get maximum returns.




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