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How to Craft a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy

As a business owner, there are thousands of things on one’s mind. Getting more visitors is one of them. Since more businesses are shifting their focus online, crafting a solid social media marketing strategy becomes a top priority for most of them. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways of getting visitors and this post will guide you how to do that.

A question many business owners have is: Did I meet or are am I close to meeting my business’ social media goals for the year?

If you don’t we certainly can’t blame you, especially due to all the social media changes that have happened in the past couple years.

There is always room for improvement in the digital marketing landscape. With Facebook being surrounded by controversial algorithm changes to Instagram launching a ton of business tools to their platform, brands are going bolder with campaigns in an effort to fulfill the hunger of their consumers who want to achieve the best for their businesses and customers.

It’s no wonder that marketers are crippled by analysis paralysis with all the changes and emerging trends. Where is one to start? And once they begin the implementation of media strategies, how do they continue to achieve their goals?

Social media marketing strategies are created to give the goals your business has - a purpose. In this article, we will break down powerful methods you can implement into your business that will help you optimize your results, no matter what they are!

Steps to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

We will discuss the key factors of structuring a killer social media marketing strategy.

1) Set Goals That Focus on Your Business Obstacles

What do you want out of your social media? Perhaps you want a more prominent voice within your industry or for your customers to socialize with your business more. No matter what your goals are, remember that when planning your media strategy, steady and consistent will win the race.

Remember to keep goals attainable; attempting to gain a million followers in the remainder of 2019, for instance, is not realistic. You should strive for smaller goals that are affordable and reasonable. Your goals are meant to influence all aspects of your strategy, from the budget you have to the platforms you will utilize.

Here are some great example goals:

● Increase ROI
● Build a loyal fanbase
● Get a step up on your competition
● Drive sales
● Improve the amount of quality sales
● Increase awareness of your brand

2) Analyze your competition

Business competitors
Analyzing what your competitors are doing, is important

As a serious business owners, you can’t afford to make assumptions. Thankfully, there are many social media tools that can provide you with key information about your audience that can greatly influence your social media strategy. Demographic data about your audience is vital when deciding what social networks you wish to use and what kinds of content that your audience enjoys engaging with.

For instance:

● Users on LinkedIn are well-educated, which means they are likely to engage with content that is in-depth and industry-specific

● Most of Instagram’s users are under 30 years old, which makes eye-popping, personable content a must for engagement

● YouTube and Facebook are the some of the best platforms to place ads, making them high-earning user bases

● The majority of Pinterest users are women, which is why a huge portion of the platform’s content targets social shopping opportunities

While the above information gives you an overview into these popular social platforms, you still need to consider your own audience. More analysis needs to be done so you get to the bottom of your customer demographics on social channels.

There are a few pieces of powerful software that can provide you with the insight into your audience so you can properly interact with them on each platform. Softwares like SproutSocial are easy to use thanks to everything being on one dashboard, which displays social highlights, demographics, and much more, to ensure you are spending your hard-earned money in the right places.

3) Establish essential metrics

Your media strategy should be driven by data, which means you must tune into metrics that will make a positive impact on your business. Yes, likes and shares are great, but they genuinely amount to nothing but to how your social media profiles appear to passersby, especially if they are not bringing in sales or engagement. How great is having a million followers if they cannot help you further your business? Not that great, we tell you.

In order to create meaningful relationships with those that follow you, below are crucial metrics to keep in mind while getting on the social media bandwagon:

● The amount of clicks are important to grasp how people move through your marketing funnel, which is why tracking each campaign’s clicks are essential to driving the curiosity required to encourage people to buy your product/service.

● Keeping an eye on engagement allows you to perceive how willing your audience is to interact with your brand’s content.

● Hashtag performance is vital to level up your overall engagement - which hashtags are the most utilized? Which are the best associated to your business? Which ones gave you the most engagement?

● Paid and organic likes is difficult to gain traction within your business, which is why many brands turn to the assistance of Facebook Ads

● The number of users who see your content is known as your reach, which helps you to perceive how your content is spreading through the world of social media. Tracking your reach is very important since the algorithms are ever changing.

● How users react to your brand’s content is known as sentiment. Did your audience find a campaign of yours offensive in any way? What kind of sentiment are people associating with your brand? It’s a good idea to find out what people are saying about your business.

The more you know about the statistics surrounding your brand on social media, the more correct efforts can be put into the original goals you have.

4) Spy on your competitors

Don’t waste your time creating content until you have a solid idea of what your competitors are doing. Spying on the social presence they have will help you to get a better idea of the best social media strategy to implement in your own business. This doesn’t mean to copy or steal their ideas, but to see what is working so you can adapt their campaigns.

For instance, let’s dig into the automobile industry. BMW and Volvo are both very popular automobiles brands with two different strategies. BMW focuses on the experience of driving and their tagline says it all “Sheer driving pleasure”. Their social media posts lends an image of the pleasant driving experience one feels with their cars. On the other hand, Volvo positions itself taking safety as its prime focus. Their campaigns are charged with posts and videos around the safety of their cars occupants. This has helped them to distinguish from other brands and also create a buzz around their own.

The point here is that each brand has set themselves apart within the same industry when it comes to their voice and content. This is why before you stress over content creation, you should get a birds’ eye view on the competition so you ensure you’re setting your brand apart.

How to spy on your competitors

The easiest method to find your competitors is a trip to Google search - type in industry keywords and phrases and see who comes up on the first page. For example, if you sold specialty soaps, a good keyword would be ‘natural soaps.’ Ignore Amazon, The Body Shop and other huge retailers and see who else is coming up within your space in ads and organically.

Next, who is active on social media? In the case of soap, you will find that Chagrin Valley or Rocky Mountain Soap may be a smaller business, but they are thriving on popular social channels, which means you can jot them down as a good example to follow.

Tired of tinkering with social media features, listening to gurus, spending money and not getting results?

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5) Create and maintain captivating social content

The core of any social media marketing strategy is content. You should already have ideas of what to post that aligns with your brand identity and business goals, as well as what platforms to post on. However, we’re sure that you might be overwhelmed by what you should be specifically posting, right?

We understand.

It can be a grueling process, choosing content that balances both personality and promotion, and there’s now more pressure on brands than ever, with almost 50% of social users un-following businesses that promote too much or share content irrelevant to their brand.

To help you get a better idea, consider using any of the combinations of the following trends below:

● Video content
● Authentic content, created with your audience in mind
● Create a content theme that will give your brand consistency

6) Timeliness should be a top priority

Speech bubbles for conversations
Engage and converse with your visitors

People are more likely to respond and engage with brands that make it a priority to start and maintain meaningful conversations. Think about it - social media platforms are meant to be networks where people from all over the globe can share and talk about content.

If your customers are reaching out to you on social media with queries and doubt, ensure you respond to them as soon as you can. Taking a lot of time to get back with any response is not going to garner a lot of love and support for your brand. Remember, timeliness is a two-way street! If you make your visitors feel important, they’ll make it a point to remember you as well.

Networking should be a vital piece of your marketing efforts. Opportunities to engage and converse with your target audience and loyal fans should not be left unattended. With the convenience of social media, you have much more of a chance to gain respect by just being present when people really need what your brand has to offer them.

Customer care is vital if one of your goals is to increase audience awareness, which starts with genuine engagement. This is why many businesses hire individuals or teams that specifically work on engaging with their audience.

Post during peak engagement

You need to ensure you’re posting created content close to the time frames when your audience is more likely to interact with it. However, if no one from your business is around to communicate with people that want to engage with that content and your brand in general, what is the point of those efforts?

Make sure that you or those that you designate to manage your community are ready and available to answer questions and concerns when you post. You should learn the best times to post on your social media so you can ensure you are there to engage with people while they are interacting with the content you post.

Thanks to the constant algorithm updates, your organic content is less likely to reach most of your fan base, which is why you do not want to ignore the interactions you do receive, so you don’t miss out on sending those folks down into your marketing funnel.

7) Find Out What’s NOT Working So You Can Improve

Now that you have the big picture of an effective social media marketing strategy in mind, you need to know how to adapt it so that you can continue to progress throughout the course of this year and beyond.

It’s important that you take the time to further analyze your marketing strategy, so you can see what campaigns and efforts do well over others. When you have a good view of the activity within your social strategy, you can continue to create content that performs well and fine-tune your everyday business activities for success.

When mastering social media and tweaking it for your specific brand, you will run into a lot of trial-and-error. It’s important to not get overwhelmed or frustrated in your efforts to build the best social media strategy possible for your business. This is why keeping up-to-date on the metrics of your campaigns is crucial so you don’t have to continuously make time-consuming adjustments.

With social media always evolving, having a rock solid marketing strategy will be your key to your brand’s success and longevity online.

Are your strategies powerful enough to beat the ever changing landscape of social media?

We hope that this article will help you to create an effective blueprint that you serve and inspire you to hit goals for your business.

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