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How to Create a Google Tag Manager Account

How to create a Google tag manager account

Google tag manager is an incredibly versatile tool to use. As a website developer or owner, Google tag manager is a must-have in one’s toolkit. It lets you easily create, deploy and manage various code fragments – known as tags – without actually knowing how to code. These tags can then be fired upon certain conditions – such as when a visitor lands on a page on your website. You can use Google tag manager to connect your Google analytics account with your website, study how your visitors behave and interact with your website and track their activities such as scroll-depth, button clicks and more. In fact, with Google tag manager the opportunities are truly endless!

In this post, we’ll see how to set up a Google tag manager account if you don’t have one. The process is fairly straightforward, so let’s get to it pronto.

Step by step guide to create a Google tag manager account

1) Visit to create a Google tag manager account.

2) Login with your Google email and click Create Account.

Create account Google tag manager

3) Add a new account by providing an account name and country. For the sake of this blog post, we’ve given the account name as Outdoorsy – a demo travel website we created for this purpose.

Provide account name in Google tag manager

4) Give a name for the container and select the target platform. Our container name is the URL of the website and we’ve chosen web as the target platform. Then click Create.

Give container name in Google tag manager

5) Accept the Google tag manager terms of service agreement (don’t we all love it?!) and proceed ahead.

Google tag manager terms of service agreement

6) Your Google tag manager account is now being setup and you will see a popup with the required codes to be placed in the <head> and <body> sections of your site’s page.

Google tag manager codes

7) You can copy these codes to store them somewhere locally. You can now cancel the popup. If you’d like to find the code snippets again, simply click on Admin and Install Google tag manager as shown:

Install Google tag manager

8) You will be presented with the same codes as the ones in the popup earlier:

Find GTM codes in the Admin area

And there you have it. You’ve successfully created a Google tag manager account. You can now place these codes in the CMS (content management system) of your choice. At WP Adventure, we use WordPress exclusively, and integrating the Google tag manager codes is an extremely easy process with it.

As a WordPress development company, we love the Astra WordPress theme for its range of capabilities. If you’re using Astra and want to learn how to add the Google tag manager code to it, we’ve written a post just for that. You can read more about it in details here: How to add Google tag manager code in Astra.

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