This page outlines what I plan to work on during the next month.  I’m also going to include my purpose and goals for each item on the list.  This not only helps me stay on track with what to work on but also what I want to accomplish with each one.


These are projects that have a specific outcome.

  • Updating a Site for Local Business
    Purpose:  Get this site updated from an unresponsive HTML site to a fully responsive site built on WordPress.  The site will use WooCommerce to display (but not sell) products online.
    Goals:  Launch the site and create documentation on how the business can update products and site information without needing any outside assistance.
  • Learning the Tools
    I’m slowly getting more into development and I want to start off on the correct path.  Before I get too deep into things, I want to learn the tools I intend to use.
  • Hawaiian Howdy
    This is the first WordPress plugin I’m creating and it will change the “Howdy” text once you are logged in to a Hawaiian greeting, based on the time of day.


Unlike the list above, here are a number of things I will be continually working on.

  • Volunteer moderator on Support Forums
    Goals: Help others with their WordPress issues and keep the forums free of spam and abuse.  I haven’t been able to spend as much time here as I would like and want to work on answering more questions again.
  • Volunteer on Support Forums
    Goals: Help others with their issues and continue learning more about
  • Keeping up with WordPress Support and Core
    Goals:  Stay informed about what’s going on in WordPress Support and Core.  This includes reading everything posted in the #Forums and #Core channels on Slack and all posts on Make WordPress Support and Make WordPress Core.

Daily Guide

Here is what I am currently aiming for each day, 5 days a week:

  • Forums: 36 minutes
  • Forums:  60 minutes
  • Learning – Customer Service/Happiness:  24 minutes
  • Learning – Development:  24 minutes
  • Development/Projects:  24 minutes

Page last updated April 17, 2017.