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Pay Per Click Services

PPC management services are without a doubt one of the most in-demand marketing services today. In the fast paced business world that we all live in, it can get very monotonous waiting for the SEO game to show some desirable results. Search engine optimization is amazing in itself however the cold truth is that companies and business owners do not have the patience and the time to stand it out.

With pay per click services in Mumbai and Pune (India), we have an acquired skill to bring your marketing goals to life. Albeit a tad expensive, our customized and strategically driven PPC campaigns will see your listing occupy some of the most coveted spots on the search engine page.

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Why let WP Adventure manage your

PPC campaigns

At WP Adventure, we ensure that you get quality traffic from running pay per click marketing campaigns. Your search for the best PPC company in Mumbai and Pune (India) just came to a halt! We’d love to scale up your business with Google or Bing ads – offering them to interested people searching for your products and services at that very time. Taking assistance from our team of experienced PPC experts, we will set a lean yet powerful marketing campaign that is laser-focused towards definite success.

We're all about optimizing your landing page, improving quality scores, identifying the much overlooked negative keywords, managing bids and a whole lot more! You’d love our crafty pay per click services to never look back.

Experience the

Best PPC services company in Mumbai

If you are anything like us, you’d appreciate that our love for PPC services is unbridled. We take great pride and joy in demonstrating how insanely effective PPC marketing campaigns can get only if it is done with a thorough understanding of the entire framework and near surgical accuracy. As the best PPC management company in Mumbai and Pune (India), we ensure you the best ROI on your marketing spends.

PPC Strategy

Our pay per click campaigns do not begin without a clear understanding of your business and the goals you want to achieve. At WP Adventure, we also study – in detail – what your competitors are up to and then create a strong strategy that bring you the results and leaves them behind.

Effective keywords

As the best PPC services company in Mumbai and Pune, we ensure our selection of keywords is top notch. We scour through hundreds of keywords to find some that are voluminous yet extremely relevant to your business. A successful PPC campaign is not possible without careful inclusion and exclusion of keywords and we know how to do both.

Amazing ad copy

An ad is only good if it engages a user and entices him to click. Our expert ad copywriters will put their pens down and weave your ads that are pertinent, professional and alluring. At WP Adventure, we write ads for real people and as such we ascertain that they are relevant to your users as well as landing pages.

Sitelink extensions

Another remarkable benefit of employing PPC services is the ability to extend your ads with these powerful nifty extensions called sitelink extensions. We find them extremely convenient while offering a great deal of swag to the pay per click ad management. And honestly, who doesn’t love more digital real-estate?

Timely Reports

We do not simply run the campaigns in the dark and forget about their performance. Once the PPC campaigns are meticulously optimized, we keep a hawk-eye on them and tweak along the way to give you to the best results. Our timely reports on your pay per click services campaigns are in-depth but still easy to understand.

Need a PPC company in Mumbai for your campaigns?

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How our pay per click services Mumbai

Can help you

If you are a business owner, you shouldn’t be wasting your time and hard-earned money struggling to get a grip on running pay per click campaigns. That is what we, PPC experts in Mumbai and Pune (India), are adept in doing and boy, do we do it good! We know the ins and outs of running Google ads and Bing ads, and we know what drives results to bring you the best click through rate (CTR) to augment your marketing efforts and raise your sales.

Search advertising

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While the amount of people using the internet is humungous, Google remains the most popular search engine there is. People utilize search engines to find information and solutions. They are there to find businesses like yours for products and services. As the best PPC marketing company in Mumbai and Pune (India), we know how to bring your business to the frontline. Using our carefully chiseled PPC marketing strategy, we choose the best keywords and creative copywriting to hook your potential customers to drive traffic to your website.

Display advertising

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Apart from the traditional search ads that gets businesses noticed on the SERP, there’s another flavor of marketing offered by search engines such as Google and Bing known as display advertising. You’ve seen them all - while watching a YouTube video or seeing one pop up on the side in your Gmail or even a banner advertisement on a different website – those are all examples of display ads. WP Adventure can help publicize your business on various networks on GDN (Google display network) to attract more relevant customers.

Product listing advertising

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If you own an ecommerce store and searching for a way to advertise your products on Google, then product listing ads can be a God-sent solution for your business. Also known as Google shopping ads, it is a paid Google ads program designed especially for online merchants. The large featured image, price and product categories displayed, encourages curious buyers to click and purchase. At WP Adventure, we run ecommerce campaigns using product listing ads that have a significant positive impact on conversions and improves sales.

PPC services fun fact
Fun Fact:

Do you know that approximately 63,000 searches happen on Google every single second? That translates to 228 million searches every hour and 5.6 billion searches every day! To put in perspective, the top 3 paid ad spots get around 46% of the clicks on that page. Mind blowing stuff!

Our pay per click management process

Comprehensive understanding on your and your competitors’ business.

Developing a tailored pay per click campaign to meet your goals.

Extensively researching on the best choice of keywords.

Writing highly engaging and compelling ad copies.

Setting up and launching campaigns.

Monitoring bids, performance and overall campaign analysis.

Our PPC Services Opt

Industries and Verticals

We serve

We love to work with different people from various industries and niches. We get a fresh perspective each time, besides honing our skills and constantly updating ourselves. We are equally enthusiastic about working with a large corporate as we are with a fledgling business. At WP Adventure, we believe that opportunities are equal and our support and dedication to turning those opportunities into success, is committed. Come on-board – everyone’s welcome.

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There's a science to everything and there's a science for pay per click services as well. It takes a leading PPC services company in Mumbai to find the best keywords that are high in volume, low in competition and yet provide the best ROI for your business. Our complete PPC program is designed for those looking to get top spots on the SERPs and raring to take their businesses forward. Let your businesses shine on Google and Bing or 3rd party websites.

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