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Top 10 Web Hosting Companies [Best Compilation]

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Here we are, approaching the end of 2018 and a gazillion websites get created on the internet. With businesses booming and a whole bunch of people giving shape to their start-up dreams, the number of websites that have spruced up this last decade (or even the last 5 years perhaps) is really quite something. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 web hosting companies there are for folks who are serious about their businesses.

First, let us quickly understand what web hosting companies are. Websites are nothing but a collection of files (HTML, CSS stylesheet etc.) located on a server that gets dished out as and when required. You can either have your own server or utilize ones that are rented out by companies owning them. Such companies that own servers to host other people’s websites are known as web hosting companies.

Let’s take a closer look at who makes it to our list of top 10 web hosting companies.

1. FastComet

Truly one of the best website hosting and domain provider is FastComet. Started 9 years ago and in the public cloud hosting sphere, FastComet is geared towards providing excellent resources and hosting plans for everyone. All FastComet servers run on high-end Intel SSD drives with at least 32 GB of ram per node. They provide exceptional hosting performance and make use of technologies like Google PageSpeed, Nginx and FaceBook FlashCache.

WP Adventure was hosted with FastComet for 2 full years until November 2020. So this recommendation comes from personal experience. FastComet is undoubtedly one of the few hosting companies that take customer support very seriously. We've hardly had any issues and whenever the need to contact support arose, the tickets were dealt with promptly.

We are certain that their customer support is top-notch. It is hands down one of the best in the industry. Almost all tickets are answered within 10-15 minutes and the support team is ever-ready to help. So, if you are looking for a shared hosting company with great customer support, FastComet can be a fantastic option for you.

Click on the link below to take you directly to FastComet.

2. Cloudways

Founded in 2009 and based in Malta, Europe; Cloudways has turned from a small company to an expanding enterprise hosting thousands of servers and web applications. It is a managed cloud hosting platform that has struck a fine balance between performance, speed and security.

While there are many web hosting companies that will host your WordPress site on shared, VPS or dedicated servers, Cloudways offers a truly unique experience of a fully managed WordPress cloud hosting platform. It aims to take care of hosting by offering an amazing feature-rich environment and fantastic support thereby taking away the stress of managing and maintaining the website from their owners.

As with other web hosts, Cloudways also offers SSL certificates, 1-click installations, website transfers and its own CloudwaysCDN which results in quicker load times (read: really quick load times!)

You can host your website on either:

Digital Ocean
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

The best feature however that it is all cloud-based. It means that unlike traditional web hosting providers that will host your website on one server, cloud hosting platforms will host your website on multiple servers. What is the advantage, you ask? Well, if one server goes down, Cloudways will serve your website from a different server that is still up and running.

Cloudways makes use of its own control dashboard which is a bit different from the traditional cPanel one gets to see in shared hosting environment. It is incredibly easy to navigate and your site will be blazing through as compared to other shared hosting companies.

To check out Cloudways:

3. SiteGround

Hands down one of the best shared web hosting providers there is. At WP Adventure, it definitely makes it one of our favorite web hosting company. It is recommended by a lot of people and bloggers and even! They have amazing up-time and their customer support is very helpful.

They have 3 different plans offering essential features (such as free SSL, free email accounts, free daily backups etc.) and premium features (such as free website transfer, free backup restore as well as high priority technical support).

We absolutely love SiteGround and you will not be disappointed if you go with them. It is truly one of the best web hosting services you will find, offering some of the best hosting plans you’d need. If you’re just starting out or searching for a change, just go with SiteGround we’d say!

You can click on the link below to directly access the website.

4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an independently owned web hosting services provider that was launched in the year 2001. They go way back in time and are very well respected in the industry. A2 Hosting owns their web servers that are high powered and extremely reliable and built to perform. With their data centres located in USA (Michigan and Arizona), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore), it is ideal for customers around the globe.

With plans starting from INR 280 (roughly $3.18) per month to INR 7,100 (approximately $98) per month and offering both Linux web hosting as well as Windows web hosting, they have hit a sweet spot for all kinds of customers, be they regular bloggers, small businesses to large corporations.

Their large customer base comes from the fact that they provide free website migration, free SSL certificates, both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting platforms, stable reliable uptime of 99.92% as well as their A2 Optimized Site Accelerator that results in 20x quicker load times.

What we really like about A2 Hosting is that they limit the number of users on the shared hosting platform. And that’s a really good thing because that means more resources available for those limited number of people sharing the server. With free CDN and 30 days money-back guarantee, it does sound like a win-win for all.

5. InMotion Hosting

Started off in the year 2001, InMotion Hosting has come a long way to being one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting companies. They host more than 300,000 domains and are really established in the space they are in. No wonder that they are an award winning web hosting service provider.

What’s really great about InMotion Hosting is the amazing uptime you get. Generally speaking it hovers around 99.93%, so it’s a no-brainer that they’re really good at that. Combine that with their fast speed servers and an equally amazing customer support that puts them in this list of our top 10 web hosting companies.

They also offer an incredible 90 days money-back guarantee! Although that’s really impressive, it is only meant for business, VPS and reseller hosting plans.

To visit InMotion Hosting, click the button below :

6. DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the most respected hosting companies out there. Founded way back in the year 1996, it is one of the oldest and privately owned companies. With over 1.5 million websites hosted with them, the company has earned not only a place on our list but also bagged PCMag’s “Editors’ Choice” award 4 years in a row.

What’s great about DreamHost is that they’ll credit you a day’s service for free, if you experience an hour’s downtime. Of course, they can do this because this hardly ever happens. Another really nice feature is their 97 days money back guarantee. It is one of the longest we’ve seen in the industry and it speaks about their confidence in the service and value that they provide. Truly remarkable, we say.

DreamHost are also one of the few companies that are Green – i.e. carbon neutral. They have invested their resources in conserving energy and being efficient at it. That makes them truly quite unique. We absolutely love the initiative they have taken and highly impressed by it.

Click below to check what DreamHost has to offer.

7. 1&1

1&1 Hosting, 1&1 hosting company, 1and1 hosting

To start off, 1&1 Hosting is a good place for new entrants in the blogging or the online arena. 1&1 is a good web host, fairly easy on the pockets and fairly easy to setup and get going. They offer a gamut of products – shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting and others.

What we really like about 1&1 is the impressive uptime and the rather quick customer support. Those are important things to consider when purchasing a web host and 1&1 delivers on that front. Additionally, there’s also ‘the Website Builder’ that will be really helpful for non-techies to put together a website in no time – of course, this comes at a price but rather affordable at approximately $1 a month.
Hey - you may not have the best of tools available there to achieve exactly what you want on your website, but it’ll get you started.

What you may not appreciate about 1&1 Hosting is the lack of live chat support that proves to be really helpful many times. But besides that, it is a whole package, one that offers many plans to choose from easy email setup, domain transfers and the other necessary features that will get you going.

Check it out here:

8. WPX Hosting

It is one of the more superior WordPress hosting solutions. With WPX Hosting, you can get free WHOIS privacy for all your domains, Enterprise-level DDoS protection, malware scan for your websites on a daily basis and free malware removal service as well. Unlike other website hosting providers that rent out servers, WPX Hosting owns them and thus has complete control over the number of websites that are located on each of those servers.

Couple this with high-spec SSD servers + PHP 7 + caching, it results in blazing fast speeds – something that is coveted by all of us.

Great news for dog lovers: With the help of Dana Foundation, WPX Hosting is able to provide food for over 1500 homeless dogs and has recently built a play area for the dogs to have a good time in. So, if you are a dog lover, you know now which hosting company to pick.

You can check out WPX Hosting, by clicking on the link below:

9. FlyWheel

Not known to a ton of people, FlyWheel is the only managed WordPress hosting service provider that is officially endorsed by It is a specialist in WordPress hosting, in that, they only host WordPress websites. Interesting, eh?

They are packed with a ton of features like free demo sites (you make a site as a demo for your client, before paying for it!), free nightly backups, free SSL certificates, free malware removal and much more.

FlyWheel also provides staging site (it’s an independent clone of your website to test things out and can easily copy it back onto your actual website), white labeling feature (which means that you can create websites and host them under your own branding) as well as dedicated IP addresses for all the websites in the cPanel.

Though not the most pocket-friendly web hosting companies, it is certainly carved a name for itself with really good features and experienced customer service support.

Check out FlyWheel below:

10. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Hosting, LiquidWeb hosting, Liquid Web hosting plans

If you are a business and looking around for a great host with peak performances, Liquid Web is the way to go. It is meant for businesses that take themselves seriously and this is evident in the pricing plans that Liquid Web offers. It is often considered by many to be one of the best website hosting companies there is.

Unfortunately, for individuals that are in the process of making a mark and small sized businesses that actively search for shared web hosting, Liquid Web doesn’t offer that option at all. It is truly meant for those that are scaling and want some of the best features the industry has to offer.

Their product portfolio is quite impressive and offers dedicated server hosting, Cloud VPS hosting, managed WooCommerce hosting amongst others.

With over 500,000 managed sites, 30,000 customers spread across 130 countries and 5 global centres, Liquid Web is a class apart in terms of killer specs and excellent customer support. As with everything that is premium, it also costs pretty. So that is one thing you need to keep in mind while choosing this host.

You can check them out here:

We truly hope that you liked this list of top 10 web hosting companies and find some of the best web hosting plans these companies have to offer. It does become quite difficult to leave out some names, especially when they are big companies, but we believe that to be considered one of the best web hosting services provider, one has to deliver what one has promised.  We find a lot of web hosting sites lacking that.

At WP Adventure, we also don’t quite find the EIG owned companies appealing. Though a lot of them are very popular in India – such as BlueHost, Big Rock, iPage etc., we wish to inform our readers of their money-sucking attitude, sub-par performance and disappointing customer service. You can very easily find a non-EIG owned web hosting company for the same price that will come along with superior specs, great performance and excellent attention towards their customers.

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